her quiet eye

The Observer

Completely protected on all sides
by volcanoes
a woman, darkhaired, in stained jeans
sleeps in central Africa.
In her dreams, her notebooks, still
private as maiden diaries,
the mountain gorillas move through their life term;
their gentleness survives
observation. Six bands of them
inhabit, with her, the wooded highland.
When I lay me down to sleep
unsheltered by any natural guardians
from the panicky life-cycle of my tribe
I wake in the old cellblock
observing the daily executions,
rehearsing the laws
I cannot subscribe to,
envying the pale gorilla-scented dawn
she wakes into, the stream where she washes her hair,
the camera-flash of her quiet

— Adrienne Rich, 1968

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  1. TheWeyrd1 says:

    Wow…had no idea that was her in Portrait… And now I have to catch up on 2 seasons of Damages. I saw the first two seasons, but with all the shows on TV that are so appealing to women who love the ladies, I kind of forgot to figure out where Damages went when it moved. Thanks for the reminder! And the hotness of Janet…heh.

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