still keeping it real(ly gay)

Oh, Lip Service 6 (aka the finale of series 1). Where do I begin?



Ahem. And now let me quote myself on Twitter:

I’ll attempt to clarify by expressing my many and varied emotions.

Cat. You trollop, you ridiculously confused thing! How COULD you?

Yeah, I know how you could. You and Frankie made it very clear: that was about your past, and how much you mean to each other, and all kinds of other stuff we probably won’t ever understand.

But still. Have you seen Sam?! She’s especially cute when you’ve just asked her to move in with you.

The suspense was almost intolerable. Thank god for Tess, who provided the usual comic relief — she’s got six expressions more than all them Barrymores put together — and also a really lovely bit of romance of her own. Sparky sparky.

And then there’s Frankie. I’m so conflicted. My girlfriend kept shouting things like, “Throw yourself out the window!” and “You’re on a roof! Jump!” and I don’t really disagree with her. But the whole thing about Frankie’s uncle (he’s my uncle! he’s my father! my uncle! my father!) and her mom — who was obviously very pleased to see her — well, that’s hard to resist. Maybe, by finding out who she really is, she’ll finally grow up? Hmmm.

And then — AND THEN — there’s Sam. Hellllloooo again, Sam’s sinewy back.

Sam showed some frailty in the finale: she is so very much in love with Cat, she can’t quite function. She’s almost clingy, and she aimed below the belt when she confronted Frankie, which doesn’t really seem like her. And she looked so pained — it hurts me — when Cat trotted off to meet Frankie again, instead of getting ready to meet Sam’s friends.

Dammit. How COULD you, Cat?!

I really, really hope series 2 will explain it all, or that it will at least give us more of this maddening, satisfying drama. It’s very delicious.

One slightly more serious thought before I stop (or try to stop) thinking about Lip Service for a while: in my last post on the subject, I noted that the characters on the show are too busy being gay to talk about being gay. I think that might be the natural result of social and legal validation: in the UK, gay people are people. They can carry on doing people-y things without feeling like second-class citizens. When you’re able to form a legal union, have full access to the courts, and can even consider (as I hope Cat’s considering) filing a harassment complaint against your homophobic boss, you feel like you matter. You see yourself as equal. Normal. Real.

And that allows you to stop navel-gazing and get on with things. And get it ON!

Or at least that’s how it seems to me. And I hope we’ll see more of all that in a series 2. OH GOOD LORD, PLEASE GIVE US A SERIES 2!!

(Or just give the hot cop her own series. <Cat’s accent>That would be totally, totally fine.</Cat’s accent>)

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  2. Reese says:

    If BBC doesn’t pick up a second series, we should riot. I am NOT kidding.

  3. scmtnsgirl says:

    First the SF Giants 2010 season and now this. Torture! At least I can look forward to the Series 1 DVD arriving from Amazon UK. There is some relief on the horizon.

  4. Linster says:

    Finally saw the finale today and found myself screaming at Cat, “NOOOOOOO…” Hot cop is hot; hot electrician is sparky; hot not-Shane is not-hot, yet is a bit of a heartbreaker regardless. If a next series happens, any chance of recaps? :)

    • scribegrrrl says:

      “hot not-Shane is not-hot” — nicely put. And yes, she’s still kind of moving, because she’s just so broken.

      Any chance of recaps? Yessssss!!!! Wait, I take it back. No, I don’t. I will! I can’t! I must! I mustn’t! Good god, I need the hot cop to slap some sense into me.

  5. Suuz says:

    Dear Scribe, can you hear it? No? Just stop breathing for a moment and listen a wee bit harder. Yes, hear it now? It’s the sound of every single lesbian in the universe, including the hot cop, softly but urgently whispering to the wind: Please, please inspire our incomparable Scribegrrrl to write us the recaps she promised and then dithered about above…

    You can do it. Yes you can. You have to do it. The world needs it. History demands it. And it’s exactly what we need to tie us over in the nervous wait for news about a 2nd season and the long, long year before the show reappears, if it ever does. Your magnificent oeuvre will be incomplete without Lip Service recaps to bookend the classic L Word collection!! What say you, Sir Scribe? (With apology to Tilda “I’d so much rather be a knight” Swinton. If you ever moved across the pond we’ll appeal to the Queen to accord you the status such selfless labours of love to the Sapphic community deserves!)

  6. Suuz says:

    I’m such an eager beaver, in hindsight I see the Linster enquired about recaps for a “next series” – but surely it would be a travesty and tragedy not to start at the very beginning and retro recap the first series in the interim!

  7. max says:

    Sam should be with Frankie. No really. Cat should be with Sadie, and Tess the spark.

    Sam and Frankie are both so VERY hot… :P I would… with both :D

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