v is for va-va-voom

I wish someone had told me to sit down before opening my new issue of Entertainment Weekly, because this picture of Elizabeth Mitchell almost made me fall over. (Sit down, quick, before you endanger your equilibrium like I did!)

(Click for the giant version, which may make you hyperventilate)

I mean … wow.

Mitchell has been doing a lot of press for V, which starts Nov. 3. She’s been saying some delightful things, too.

In Entertainment Weekly (Nov. 6):

[Kissing Angelina Jolie in Gia was] pillowy and fabulous. Honestly, you got lost in her lips. It was almost overwhelming, like a peach.

I cried for a couple of days [when Juliet died on Lost]. Evangeline Lilly and my sister came over and we drank until we fell asleep on the couch, which was not good, because none of us are big drinkers. We woke up and said, “Let’s do ice cream next time, okay?”

I’m a dork and a nerd.

In Time Out New York (Oct. 29–Nov. 4):

I’d compare Erica [her character in V] to Athena and Hera, because she’s both the mother and the warrior. Back in popular fiction, she’s like Sarah Connor in The Terminator a lot. And of course you’ve gotta have a little Ripley in there.

Every time I think I couldn’t possibly love her more, she shatters my expectations. She is somehow both ethereal and earthy. And she calls herself a nerd?! My head is spinning; I really do need to sit down.

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4 Responses to “v is for va-va-voom”

  1. Linster says:

    The only time I would even consider crossing you, Scribe, would be over Elizabeth Mitchell. May the best lesbian win. No, I take that back — I want to win!

  2. Cristiane says:

    Thanks so much for the picture. Great quality. I’m a huge fan of her.

    Is it possible for you to scan the Time Out New York Interview?

    I’m not from US, so it’s hard for me to get it.

    No problem if you can’t. But if you do, thanks very much in advance.

  3. Vikki says:

    She is so beautiful and I loved her in Gia.

  4. Over a family dinner this evening we started talking about V when my sister-in-law brought up the old mini series and we quickly digressed into what the new show might be like. High hopes in this quadrant. High hopes indeed. EM is just gravy on that mountain of hope.

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